Meatless Monday: I’ve got to use sweet corn somehow

11 Jun

It’s June and this is a beautiful time at the market. In fact, early summer is my favorite part of the market. I bought corn and need to make it tonight because the gorgeous hairy tops are taunting me. Husbo has a half-fake front tooth and the veneer can’t handle biting directly into the cob. So that eliminates one option. My mom makes a corn and black bean salad that I like so I think I’ll make that tonight.

It starts by steaming the whole ears for about 20 minutes. I want the corn cooked a bit to bring out the sweetness, but not so soft that the kernels get mooshy. Once steamed, I cut the kernels off by sliding my chef’s knife down the sides of the cob. Go ahead and let them cool unless you like burning your hands. To the corn I add chopped avocado, chopped tomato (grape and cherry tomatoes add extra sweetness), cilantro, and fresh lime juice. If you like heat, you can add a splash of hot sauce. If you want more protein, add black beans. This corn-avocado salad is great as a side dish and so easy. We like easy.

Enjoy the sweet summer corn!!! I’d love to hear more ideas for easy corn dishes. How do you make it at home?

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