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Meatless Monday: I’ve got to use sweet corn somehow

11 Jun

It’s June and this is a beautiful time at the market. In fact, early summer is my favorite part of the market. I bought corn and need to make it tonight because the gorgeous hairy tops are taunting me. Husbo has a half-fake front tooth and the veneer can’t handle biting directly into the cob. So that eliminates one option. My mom makes a corn and black bean salad that I like so I think I’ll make that tonight.

It starts by steaming the whole ears for about 20 minutes. I want the corn cooked a bit to bring out the sweetness, but not so soft that the kernels get mooshy. Once steamed, I cut the kernels off by sliding my chef’s knife down the sides of the cob. Go ahead and let them cool unless you like burning your hands. To the corn I add chopped avocado, chopped tomato (grape and cherry tomatoes add extra sweetness), cilantro, and fresh lime juice. If you like heat, you can add a splash of hot sauce. If you want more protein, add black beans. This corn-avocado salad is great as a side dish and so easy. We like easy.

Enjoy the sweet summer corn!!! I’d love to hear more ideas for easy corn dishes. How do you make it at home?


14 May


Thanks, Mom.

Dish with me

19 Mar

I should introduce myself: Hi, I’m Betty. I’m a mom who loves to cook and look good while doing it. No, seriously, I wanted a space to talk about eating in style, cooking easily for a family, and mom-ing in general. You didn’t know “mom-ing” was a word? Well, there’s a neologism for you. To be fair, this blog may stray from the kitchen–as any woman would–but the best conversations will always happen there.

Long ago, I wanted to be completely self-sufficient and decided it should include things like cooking, knitting, auto engine repair, and sewing. All while keeping a full-time job. I thought it was a very feminist idea until I got married and realized I had become the traditional wife: cooking, decorating, crafting, and birthing. Then I resented all that I had built. The treasure trove of meals I could whip up was a curse once a man relied on me for his sustenance. Clearly, I’m still wrestling with this. Motherhood was not far behind wifeyness.

I wanted to be a mom so badly I got pregnant just by looking at my husband one day. Then Babe came early. We joke that I willed her into my arms, due dates and fertility calendars be damned! I had every intention of going back to work full-time as soon as my maternity leave ended. About a month in, it occurred to me that I didn’t want to do anything but mother. I didn’t want to leave Babe in someone else’s hands, at least not yet. She’s now eight months old and I am still on “maternity leave.” Quitting my job was difficult, but being a mom is more difficult. It’s also the best thing.

All that to say, welcome to my kitchen and don’t be shy.