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Dish with me

19 Mar

I should introduce myself: Hi, I’m Betty. I’m a mom who loves to cook and look good while doing it. No, seriously, I wanted a space to talk about eating in style, cooking easily for a family, and mom-ing in general. You didn’t know “mom-ing” was a word? Well, there’s a neologism for you. To be fair, this blog may stray from the kitchen–as any woman would–but the best conversations will always happen there.

Long ago, I wanted to be completely self-sufficient and decided it should include things like cooking, knitting, auto engine repair, and sewing. All while keeping a full-time job. I thought it was a very feminist idea until I got married and realized I had become the traditional wife: cooking, decorating, crafting, and birthing. Then I resented all that I had built. The treasure trove of meals I could whip up was a curse once a man relied on me for his sustenance. Clearly, I’m still wrestling with this. Motherhood was not far behind wifeyness.

I wanted to be a mom so badly I got pregnant just by looking at my husband one day. Then Babe came early. We joke that I willed her into my arms, due dates and fertility calendars be damned! I had every intention of going back to work full-time as soon as my maternity leave ended. About a month in, it occurred to me that I didn’t want to do anything but mother. I didn’t want to leave Babe in someone else’s hands, at least not yet. She’s now eight months old and I am still on “maternity leave.” Quitting my job was difficult, but being a mom is more difficult. It’s also the best thing.

All that to say, welcome to my kitchen and don’t be shy.