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What’s for dinner? Meatballs edition

2 Apr

I’m not one of those people who goes to the market with a shopping list for the meals of the week. I prefer to go to the market and see what’s good. Lately, we’ve been splitting duties: Husbo goes to the market while Babe naps at home with me. At least I’m a bit more adventurous at the market and will sometimes come home with something new to figure out how to cook. Husbo sticks with what he knows. That’s fine because it means we don’t risk having a strikeout meal. Either way, I tend to make things up as I go along based on whatever is in the house.


Sooo, one of the reliable things we get at the market is ground meat. We usually have some type of sausage (chorizo, hot italian, etc.) in the freezer in addition to plain old ground meat. Last week I peeked in the freezer to divine a meal and decided to take out 1 lb ground pork and a 1 lb pork chorizo. We had a good hunk of a country loaf in the breadbox. So I thought, let’s make meatballs and see how it turns out. I usually go for beef or bison, but I was working with what we had.


I like using sausage in meatballs because it adds so much flavor without a lot of effort. Since the chorizo added spice and smokiness, all I added to the 2 lbs of meat was an egg and breadcrumbs. Sidebar: make your own bread crumbs–throw your crusty day-old bread in food processor. I then browned the meatballs (golf ball in size) in a bit of olive oil. After all the meatballs were browned, I threw in a box of chopped tomatoes to the pan and picked up all the brown bits. I added salt, a bay leaf, pepper, and a bit of water. Once that was bubbling, I added the meatballs back in and put the lid on. You can leave it all to simmer as long as you want, or until everyone is hungry.
The great thing about meatballs is you can pretty much use anything. I’ve added chopped carrot, onion, and zucchini to meatballs for some heft. And they can be served in a mazillion ways so pretty much everyone is happy. Except for the vegetarians. But I don’t worry about them because they aren’t ever at my house for dinner.